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TheDoctor 24X7

A major break through in Homeopathy for the first time in 200 years

The Doctor 24X7 offers its unique online services for Homeopaths aspiring to apply their homeopathic expertise and experience to cure the human race of their sufferings across the globe.

In today’s world, speed and time has gained a lot of significance

Homeopathy is gaining recognition by leaps and bounds around the globe and the need for specialized Classical Homeopaths is increasing proportionately. Patients nowadays search the World Wide Web/ Internet for advice on health or for alternative treatment for their ailments.

It is now common for a Homeopath to have clients seeking advice from far and wide. The use of phone, Video conferencing and emails for Patient-Doctor consultation is increasing at a rapid pace.

Your presence on the World Wide Web will give you the much-needed exposure in the international arena. For the same purpose hosting your own website is a requisite as many leading Homeopathic practitioners have one day.

Your website promotes you by informing about your experiences, specialization, achievements your cured cases etc, which will bring lot of international patients on your website seeking your treatment.

Language will no more be a barrier when it comes to case taking and communicating with patients at different stages of treatment, as there is a provision of a 'multilingual case record' as well as a 'language translator'.
Moreover many are stranded when it comes to receiving the consultation fees, setting up the clinic, having a manager or assistant doctor etc. But thedoctor24x7 will work as 24 hours clinic manager and assistant doctor.

Necessity is the mother of Invention…

The Doctor 24 x provides solution for homeopaths who aspire to
Treat GLOBAL even though stay local. Online is the future…..

Advantages of using the online services of

Your Online Clinic will be global and open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

You are accessible to any patient from any where in the world or you can access your Online Clinic from any where in the world.

Simple yet exhaustive Multilingual Case Recording in international languages. If the patient speaks a language other than English, the data can be recorded in multiple languages and will also be automatically repertorised for you in English. If the case record submitted by a patient is in French you view it in German or vise versa.

Case recording is unique with a simple information-extracting questionnaire.At a time, multiple patients from various geographical places and countries can access your online patient management utility simultaneously.

Automatic Repertorisation: On receiving the case history, our system automatically repertorises the case from 29 repertories saving up to 85% of your time and energy usually spent on case taking and hunting for rubrics in the repertories. Only a physician has access to this utility, a patient cannot access it.

Apply various filters, repertorisation strategies and Masters’ expert system to arrive at a Similimum in no time.

Complete Keynotes and Materia Medica for your instant reference. You need not own any special software and can therefore save on thousands of dollars buying one.

Clinic management -- A Fool proof and Non Fail System

Easy online maintenance of follow ups.

Reminders and Alerts of new patient login, modificationof case record by existing patient every days follow ups etc.

E-mailing service, We will take care of your day to day general mailing like, informing how to submit the Case Record or acknowledging your patients etc.

Multilingual Case Recording, Automatic Repertorisation, Alerts, e-mail service and many other features work as a 24 hour assistant junior doctor as well as a 24 hour clinic manager, saving hundreds of dollars on their salaries.

100% confidentiality, No one can view your patient details or cases. Your consultation fees etc. are confidential between you and your patient only.

Complete data including repertorisation details will be stored and backed up on high speed web and database servers so there is no worry about data security against viruses and other problems like loss of data or information.

Your patient logs on from your website and never feels he has migrated to a service provider’s website. The Doctor 24 x 7 should be incorporated on your website to avail these magnificent online services.

User friendly navigation for physician and patients. This unique online case history sheet and repertorisation utility is the result of years of untiring efforts of a team of senior homeopathic practitioners and professional Software engineers at MIND Technologies.

A patient can directly upload the previous or recent Investigation reports, even photographs or Videos of affected skin lesions or of alopecia etc. can be uploaded, so that you can view, compare the difference before, during and after the treatment.

Patient instructions on more than 600 clinical conditions, to educate the patient about the disease, the care and precautions to be taken and the do’s and don’ts.

A collection of precompiled instructions on Diet and Nutrition to be followed in various disease conditions, for the benefit of patients.

The Doctor 24 x 7 also takes care of the Financial Transaction between your patient and you from any part of the world and in any currency and the payment gateway gives you the payment in your local currency through your bank. Convenient options available to Receive Consultation fee.

All the future up-gradations in the software and new additions of languages are FREE until your subscription is valid.

Queries or the frequently asked questions by the patients are already answered in the FAQ’s section.

Help is provided on each page for patients to understand the Case recording features, the patient can place the mouse pointer momentarily on any symptom and a friendly Tool Tip will explain the meaning for it.

Auto running presentation to train you and your patient to quickly get acquainted with these amazing facilities offered by The Doctor 24 x 7

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